Summer Camp for Out-of-Boxers


Be Creative Camp has evolved and changed over its 15+ years. Each year is especially unique based on the ideas and creativity of the campers themselves.

Here is a brief overview of BeCre themes throughout our history:


We made a worship set of music, drama, live illustration, and video focused on the transforming of our lives. 


We drew attention to the vast array of personality types that existed within the group, and saw how we could all work together for a common good. We made a promo video and photos for the camp website.

BeCre 2008: WATER.

We studied rituals and the significance of symbols. In addition, the campers broke into two teams and made short films where the main character’s conflict was resolved with water.

BeCre 2009: PRISON.

The campers were prisoners, learning to be creative within their “cells” as they were given tasks to accomplish without typical tools or means.

BeCre 2010: GAME.

The campers spent the week working on a camp themed board game. Some made rules, some worked on the artwork, some just worked on ideas. All the while, they played a game themselves collecting points.

BeCre 2011: POP.

The campers studied Jr. High behaviors and tracked trend data to surmise conclusions about how certain people and ideas get followed. 

BeCre 2012: CLOSER.

The campers spent their week engrossed in all things macro. Close-up photography and audio recording, primarily. They also cared for insects which they named and gave decorative habitats. 

BeCre 2013: ZEITGEIST.

Meaning “The Spirit of a Time Period,” the campers found themselves traveling through time in a study of cause and effect. They were taught the importance of contribution, and asked to bring something in to the world in each era that didn’t exist.


The campers were business planners and consultants for their own lemonade companies. They gathered blue rocks from the camp and exchanged them for resources and money to use for their businesses. In addition, we studied Acts, and learned to capitalize on discipleship opportunities.

BeCre 2015: SURPRISE!

The campers planned a week full of surprises. Surprise birthday parties, pop-up Christmas caroling, a wedding and reception, a funeral, and an end of the week flash mob, all while playing a game where they attempted to not be “Boxed”.

BeCre 2016: CHILDISH.

In a week based around improv and make believe, the campers created a fantasy world that reflected the stages of childhood development. Meanwhile, some campers operated an Ice Cream truck for the Middle School camp, and other campers started to see their pictures appear in “Missing” posters around the premises.

BeCre 2017: HORNS (BSCC)    

The campers prepared for war in a game to capture the middle. Each battle was initiated by the sound of a horn. Meanwhile, they studied a biblical war, when the Israelites were led in battle by Gideon.

            CAPITALIZE (WLCC)

Similar to the first year of CAPITALIZE in 2014, the campers planned businesses and served plenty of lemonade. This week was our staff’s first venture into an experience at a different camp, as the week was hosted at Woodland Lakes Christian Camp.

BeCre 2018: BLOOD (BSCC)

The campers took part in a weeklong medical drama that pitted doctors against vets, both completing complicated surgeries on parts of the body including the eyes, heart, and stomach, all to keep their patient alive.

            ESCAPE (WLCC)

Each night, the campers were tasked with completing an escape room, and doing it faster than the other team.


Similar to the first year of ZIETGIEST in 2013, the campers once again set off on an adventure through time, visiting different locations across different periods, including Ancient Rome, the Industrial Revolution, and California in the 60’s. They accomplished these adventures with the help of their time machine, Tiffany.

           ALIEN (WLCC)

In a week all about the extraterrestrial, borders, and caution tape, the campers created their own game and attempted to smuggle characters into different zones on the board to keep them alive.

BeCre 2020: MUTINY

During our COVID-effected camp week, the campers split into two teams, competing to gather the most doubloons and win the most challenges with their newly-constructed ships to impress the king.

BeCre 2021: TRAINED (BSCC)

The campers all boarded a train which would take them on a weeklong adventure, but the conductor tragically died on the first day. Therefore, they trained themselves to decipher codes and memorize complex puzzles in order to safely navigate the train, and its many passengers with different needs, to their destination.


Each night, the campers had to prepare a show for an audience, including a puppet show, a game show, a fashion show, and more.


The campers used forced perspective videos and pictures to create and build up for themselves a completely natural universe.


The campers were armed like soldiers against each other, and their weapons were cameras. They attempted to set traps for other campers and staff to capture pictures of particular moments. In addition, the campers studied scriptures that all detailed something amazing happening at one moment in time.