Summer Camp for Out-of-Boxers


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Sunday, July 23 to Friday, July 28


Camp Northward


Leaving 7th – 12th

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Experience a week of improv, role playing, problem solving, and arts as Be Creative comes to Camp Northward! At the core of a BeCre week is a freestyle environment where every camper has a part in telling a story, and the story unfolds and changes based on what the campers make of it.  

It’s probably universally true that every teenager enjoys one of two things:  music and video games. Both are fun for different reasons, with highs and lows that stir emotion and excitement. The average student could spend a whole day wrapped up in one or the other.  But what about both together?

While on the surface they don’t seem directly connected, we plan to happily spend a week this Summer showing you how they are.  

Come experience a world created to challenge and entertain, as the campers find themselves in the middle of a video game and its soundtrack. Will the music drive the game, or will the game inspire the music? We’ll find out in July. Come and join us in Falmouth, Kentucky for this challenge – and everything else you’ve come to love from BeCre and Camp Northward. 


It’s impossible to tell you exactly what to expect from a week of BeCre. But if you want to know what it’s like to participate in trash can drum circle worship, eat lunch in 4/4 time, plan a wedding for sock puppets, or just witness imagination and scripture coming together in huge ways — give Be Creative a chance!