Summer Camp for Out-of-Boxers


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Sunday, July 2 to Friday, July 7


Butler Springs Christian Camp


Be Creative 2 – Entering 9th – 13th

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Be Creative Camp is an experience that was created for creatives of all kinds, from the band geeks, theater kids, and artists to the inventors, writers, and gamers. Each week of BeCre is much more involved than your typical summer camp – a week of Be Creative includes a healthy dose of improv, games, challenges, and storytelling. It’s like a week-long murder mystery or an escape room: there’s a setup, an unfolding story with conflicts, resolutions, and of course, unexpected twists along the way. In between the points of the ongoing story, we have photography challenges, movie sound effect challenges, tons of opportunities to utilize the camp’s elements like the zipline, pool, climbing wall and more, as well as an intense study of the Bible.

The battlefield is quiet, and the troops on both teams are anxious.  Off in the distance, without warning, you hear it – the trumpet blast.  Get ready for war! 

Are you prepared for the battle that lies ahead?  Does anyone ever feel fully prepared? At HORNS we will find out! The campers will engage in a two-team conflict testing their bravery, preparation, and strategy. As with all BeCre camps, improv is a key element.  Every camper has a role to play in competing in battles, creating marches and playing reveilles on their horns, and studying the scripture in an effort to help win the war for their team. The war will take the shape of creative battles across the camp. Think… laying claim to your territory by winning a game of UNO or outlasting your opponent in a tree hugging competition. The week will be as amazing as you can imagine.  Are you ready?  

NOTE: Campers are encouraged to bring musical instruments for HORNS if they have one (the instruments can be safely locked away each night), but they are not required to attend.