Summer Camp for Out-of-Boxers


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Sunday, July 2 to Friday, July 7


Butler Springs Christian Camp


Be Creative 1 – Entering 6th – 8th

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Be Creative Camp is an experience that was created for creatives of all kinds, from the band geeks, theater kids, and artists to the inventors, writers, and gamers. Each week of BeCre is much more involved than your typical summer camp – a week of Be Creative includes a healthy dose of improv, games, challenges, and storytelling. It’s like a week-long murder mystery or an escape room: there’s a setup, an unfolding story with conflicts, resolutions, and of course, unexpected twists along the way. In between the points of the ongoing story, we have photography challenges, movie sound effect challenges, tons of opportunities to utilize the camp’s elements like the zipline, pool, climbing wall and more, as well as an intense study of the Bible.

Creatives, it’s time to get down to business – designing logos, detailing your own business plans and defeating the competition at CAPITALIZE.

In Acts 8:20, we read about Phillip and the Ethiopian. Phillip didn’t just stroll over to the chariot to tell the Ethiopian about Jesus; scripture says he ran. He didn’t want to miss the opportunity. He CAPITALIZED. With that in mind, campers at CAPITALIZE this summer will spend their week as part of their own businesses competing in the cutthroat industry of selling lemonade. It will take clever ad campaigns and cunning business strategies to come out on top as they offer their product to the other campers and staff at Butler Springs. Campers will need to CAPITALIZE on every opportunity to out-compete the other teams’ businesses on their way to victory. 

It’s impossible to tell you exactly what to expect from a week of BeCre. But if you want to know what it’s like to participate in trash can drum circle worship, eat lunch in 4/4 time, plan a wedding for sock puppets, or just witness imagination and scripture coming together in huge ways — give Be Creative a chance!