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No Bloodloss

I think I’m finally recovered from BLOOD at Butler Springs.  It took longer than normal, but I would expect all future weeks to be this exhausting.  One, because I’m an old man – there’s no reversing that.  But more importantly, because I think we’ve finally nailed the format.  It’s the style we’ve described for years as the ideal week of BeCre, but it doesn’t always fall into place that way.  I really feel like it did with BLOOD.  In fact, I’m going to give the format a name: PROGPROV.  That name might change – possibly even before I finish writing this.  It’s progressive long-form improv, where the actions that the campers take during the week affect how the staff move the story.  We have primary goals that must be accomplished, but the secondary story goals are molded and transformed daily by the actions that the campers take.   What’s beautiful about it, is that it’s fun for all of us!  If you guys push, we have to push- so we get to be a part of the improv.  CHILDISH was the dream, BLOOD was the reality, and hopefully ZEITGEIST will be the epitome.

We want to thank you for a super week, and we hope to see you all again!

We Escaped WLCC!

We just finished our 2nd year of BeCre at Woodland Lakes.  We’re so exhausted- but so relieved that it went well.  Five escape rooms in five days! The campers did so much together- they even made a room for the staff! Make sure you watch our facebook page for photos and videos from the week.

Abby, MAC and I really enjoyed the week, and we hope you all return for ALIEN 2019 @WLCC.